About the overseas shipment

Thank you for your access.

This is guidance of the postage and the payment for overseas shipment from Japan.



"CrazyHornet" is build-to-order manufacturing system.

We don't have stocks basically.

Normally, we begin the production after the payment confirmed.

And we will ship the goods after 2 weeks.



 <About the order>

Please contact / order by E-mail: info@crazyhornet.com or  [Contact-us]


 [Necessary item]

  • Your name and car (for example: N15 PULSAR)
  • Product Name and Code (for example: Rear Wing / CHN15-FGNG)
  • Estimating, Order or Questions such as content etc.

 [in the case of the order]

  • E-mail address for Paypal
  • Shipping Address (Country / Postal Code....) and Tel Number
  • Recipient's Full Name


*Please check the following before ordering.



<About the postage>

We can send out by JapanPost"EMS" in the case of the small articles.

and we can send out by FedEx"IE" in the case of the middle articles.


 * EMS = Express Mail Servise

 * IE = International Economy



[JapanPost EMS maximum size]

Longest length within 1,500mm (for USA: 1,200mm)

Longest length +Circumference within 3,000mm

Weight within 30kg


[FedEx IE maximum size]

Longest length within 2,740mm

Longest length +Circumference within 3,300mm

Weight within 67kg

Volume conversion [kg] = (cubic cm)/5,000

 * The size rules may be different by a country.



[JapanPost EMS Rate table]

  • A region : Asia,
  • B region : Oceania, North/Central America, Caribbean, Near and Middle East,
  • C region : Europe,
  • D region : South America and Africa,                                                 Jul, 2018
Gross  weight   A region     B region  
  C region     D region    individual cases
up to 1.5kg    2,700 JPY   3,700 JPY   4,100 JPY   5,700 JPY

 Plag Cover,

  Canards, etc.

up to 2.0kg   3,300 JPY   4,500 JPY   5,000 JPY   7,300 JPY  
up to 2.5kg   3,800 JPY   5,200 JPY   5,800 JPY   8,800 JPY

 Hood Scoop,

  Front Grill,

up to 3kg   4,300 JPY   5,900 JPY   6,600 JPY 10,300 JPY  Waist Spoiler, Wing Raisers,
up to 4kg   5,300 JPY   7,300 JPY   8,200 JPY 13,300 JPY

 73 Ducktail, 3P Wing,

  Hakosuka Wing kit,

up to 5kg   6,300 JPY   8,700 JPY   9,800 JPY 16,300 JPY  Auto spoiler kit,
up to 6kg   7,300 JPY 10,100 JPY 11,400 JPY 19,300 JPY  
up to 7kg   8,100 JPY 11,200 JPY 12,700 JPY 21,400 JPY

 Roof Spoiler,

  Front (Rear) Fenders set,

up to 8kg   8,900 JPY 12,300 JPY 14,000 JPY 23,500 JPY  
up to 10kg  10,500 JPY 14,500 JPY 16,600 JPY 27,700 JPY  

* It costs additional packing charge 1,000 JPY per 1 box.

* Front & Rear Arch Set exceeds the maximum allowable size.  I can be sent if the 2 boxes.

* We pack fenders left and right separately by size over for USA, 4kg box x2.





[FeDex IE Rate table]

  • A region : Asia
  • B region : Oceania, North America,
  • C region : Europe, South/Central America
  • D region : Near and Middle East and Africa                                         Jul, 2018
  Volume weight   A region   B region   
  C region   D region individual cases



19,330 JPY+ 31,760 JPY+ 42,220 JPY+ 56,930 JPY+

 K1# lip



21,250 JPY+ 35,240 JPY+ 46,060 JPY+ 62,570 JPY+  sideskirts



24,770 JPY+ 41,620 JPY+ 52,460 JPY+ 72,910 JPY+

 R3# lip



33,280 JPY+

55,640 JPY+ 69,680 JPY+ 97,760 JPY+  N1# lip



47,700 JPY+ 89,550 JPY+ 110,250JPY+ 162,450 JPY+


*fuel surcharge: +5%

*Additional charges caused by delivery area or building.





<Items that can not be shipped>

sorry, we can not ship large items. (FeDex oversize)

*Bumper, Bonnet, Back Door

Please arrange transportation and customs clearance by consignee. 




[rough currency conversion] (array from a to z, Jul 2018)

1 AUD = 80 JPY
1 CAD = 85 JPY
1 EUR = 130 JPY
1 GBP = 150 JPY

1 MYR = 27.5 JPY
1 NZD = 75 JPY
1 RUB = 1.8 JPY

1 SEK = 12.5 JPY

1 TWD = 3.6 JPY

1 USD = 110 JPY



<About the payment>

You can pay via PAYPAL or Bank transfer or Procedures in the cart system.

 * I will issue by e-mail invoice after the settlement of order in the case of PAYPAL.

 * In the case of using the eCheck, it will be shipped after payment.

 * The cart system (crazyhornet.com) is only Japanese.



<Other requests>

 * We don't sell on Facebook Message.

 * The installation manual becomes Japanese; please understand it.

 * Please check the mechanism of the import duties of your country.

 * I read your mail with translate; please don't use slang and abbreviations.



Thanking you in advance.



Tsuyoshi Hashimoto Manager

   Syag-FLAVOR (CrazyHornet.com)

9-22, 1-choume,
Nobidome, Niiza-shi,
Saitama, 352-0011, JAPAN


Date: July 9, 2018